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Our First Album

The Chronophagist is a melting pot of each band member’s musical tastes and influences, which makes for a pretty varied repertoire, ranging from smooth and melancholic ballads to aggressive and fast metal riffs.  This gives it somewhat of an “apocalyptic” sound that will appeal to death metal fans and prog heads alike.

Fresh out of the Metal scene

With their unique sound, Fall of Stasis caters to folk, black, progressive and death metal fans alike, but also to the uninitiated, thanks to their original and catchy melodies.

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The Montreal-based band Fall of Stasis has shared the stage with many notable local and international bands such as The Agonist, Wolfheart and Beyond Creation.

Gabriel Bernier

Lead Guitar / Back Vocals

Jessica Dupré

Lead Singer

Mathieu Groulx


Melissa Bissonnette


Sergei Lecours


Tristan Bergeron-Boucher

Rhythm Guitar

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